23 June 2020

Welcoming Dr Angelo Pacella as 2020/21 President

The ADAVB is pleased to welcome our 2020/21 ADAVB President Dr Angelo Pacella.

Dr Angelo Pacella has been an active ADAVB member for many years, serving on Council and the Third Party Committee.

‘I am here to serve and support you all, and my position is further strengthened by the support of a great Council and ADAVB staff,’ Dr Pacella says.

‘We look forward to the year ahead, with optimism, supporting you and keeping you informed, as we navigate our way forward.’

Dr Pacella has also been a regular speaker to final-year dental students and recent graduates, and he served on the Department of Health Services Victoria Voucher Review Advisory Panel in 2013.

We also extend our congratulations to our ADAVB Council, recently elected by members, including 2020/21 ADAVB Vice-President Dr Jeremy Sternson, and Dr Emily Pow, who joins Council for the first time.

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