10 October 2022

World Mental Health Day - New resources for health professionals

Today on World Mental Health Day, our Dental Central podcast is with Black Dog Institute Head of Clinical Research, Peter Baldwin. We discuss The Essential Network (TEN), a program developed for health professionals.

TEN is designed as an e-health hub to connect healthcare professionals with critical mental health and wellbeing services including navigating the risk of burnout, recognising that this cohort faces unique pressures. Dental practitioners may often struggle to access support due to concerns around confidentiality and the stigma associated with seeking help. Their mental health support requirements are also constantly evolving, in particular as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

TEN is online ecosystem of support which dentists and other healthcare professionals can access anonymously and confidentially. Through this blended care service, health professionals can choose combinations of care that match their individual needs and support options including:

  • TEN Digital Mental Health Check-up – a self-guided mental health assessment which provides a range of triaged support options
  • Connection to one-on-one clinical care through Black Dog Institute’s TEN Clinic, with up to five free clinical sessions with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Evidence-based tools and resources tailored to the needs of health professionals
  • Peer support – offered through TEN partner Hand-n-Hand
  • Digital mental health programs – offered free through This Way Up and the TEN Navigating Burnout program.

What is burnout?

Burnout is a form of exhaustion that’s largely caused by persistent stress at work. Symptoms include both emotional and physical exhaustion, low motivation or mood; feelings of isolation and disengagement; procrastination; irritability; and physical responses such as disrupted sleep, headaches and body pains.

Some health professionals also experience ‘compassion fatigue’ which can be especially distressing for those whose work revolves around providing care for others.

Navigating Burnout program

The TEN Navigating Burnout program was developed specifically for health professionals to reduce the impact of burnout and is available 24/7 online. Incorporating step-by-step guides and advice from peers, TEN includes practical, evidence-based strategies and activities based on the latest cognitive behavioural therapies, to help prevent and minimise the impact of burnout.

For leaders who are looking for strategies to create mentally healthy workplaces, there is a section on the latest research-informed approaches for supporting teams and improving workplace culture.

Short on time?

The TEN Navigating Burnout program is divided into nine sections – each as a standalone topic with no need to progress in any particular order. This enables users to explore sections of most relevance to their personal needs at a time that suits them best. Sections take 10 to 20 minutes, with downloadable resources and worksheets available throughout the program.

To learn more about TEN and to access the Navigating Burnout program, visit blackdoginstitute.org.au/the-essential-network/.

Download a list of Black Dog Institute health professional resources.

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