21 October 2021

Apply for the ADAVB BOQ Specialist bursaries

Interested in applying for the ADAVB BOQ Specialist $10,000 CPD Practice Bursary or $5000 Recent Graduate Bursary? We've extended the closing date for applications to Wednesday 3 November 2021!

It's an incredible way to boost your professional learning and development. Hear from two of our past recipients below.

“We were looking out for opportunities to give us an edge... knowing our team is our biggest asset. Do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you don’t win, you will have gone through the process and will understand the training your team needs which is a great reflective exercise and that’s a win in itself.” Dr Anand Makwana, Warragul Dental Centre, 2019 recipient.

“Staff are a critical part of the team... we wanted to develop each of them and give recognition to our team that they are already doing a fantastic job and doing something for the community. Definitely apply. Give it a go! It shows your team and it’s a way of rewarding them.” Dr Sath Saranathan, Goulburn Valley Dental, 2018 recipient.

The ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary recognises and supports dental practices that are committed to quality learning through continuing professional development for every practitioner and professional staff in the practice. The bursary consists of a grant valued at $10,000 to be used for professional development and training purposes, of which $2000 must be used for CPD courses and/or training programs offered by the ADAVB.

The ADAVB BOQ Specialist Recent Graduate CPD Bursary recognises the commitment of early career dentists to ongoing learning by contributing $5000 towards ADAVB professional development courses for one ADAVB recent graduate member. The bursary is for $5000 to be spent on ADAVB professional development courses.

Both bursaries are open for applications at adavb.org/bursaries. Applications close on Wednesday 3 November 2021.

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