06 December 2022

Tips on moving and settling into work

Thinking about moving interstate or into a new city or regional location for work? Dr Emma Turner from our Recent Graduates and Students Committee has some great advice to help you settle in.

Settling into the rhythm of a new job in a new city takes time and patience, because change can be overwhelming when it happens all at once. Speaking to friends and colleagues who have moved away for a new career journey, we all concur that it takes three to six months to finally feel at ease in a new environment, but there are certainly factors that can make that journey smoother. 

Achieving work-life balance is key. In the post-lockdown era, there’s always an event or a new venue to visit and keeping an eye out for what’s up-and-coming has motivated me to explore the culinary and cultural scene that Melbourne has to offer. While routine is important to ground us, I stand by building a bit of excitement to look forward to on my days off to have a light at the end of the tunnel of a tough week.

The importance of opportunities to connect with people through non-dental hobbies, particularly those that allow for movement to balance out the sedentary days spent in the clinic, cannot be understated. While there’s merit in having close circles of friends within the industry to bounce ideas around with, having a network outside of dentistry is invaluable in terms of providing perspective to the quotidian struggles that can weigh us down. There’s more to life than perfect matrix band placement and there’s nothing like having a quiet cuppa with a friend to remind us of that!

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