03 March 2020

Celebrating leading women on IWD 2020 - Dr Marina Ghobrial

In the lead up to International Women's Day (IWD) on Sunday 8 March, we're profiling leading ADAVB and eviDent women. We spoke with Recent Graduates and Students Committee Co-Vice Chair, Dr Marina Ghobrial.

The IWD theme is #Eachforequal and it’s about each one of us helping creating a gender equal world. How do you do this and how can others?

I believe it's important to recognise the position of privilege and responsibility we are in as influential health practitioners. I also believe a lot can be said with no words at all. We are part of a profession that was traditionally male-dominated for many, many years, and I believe it our responsibility to strive for constant improvement of our clinical and patient management skills, so that one might rise to become a well respected, capable clinician, without the addition of '... for a girl' to the end of that sentence. Additionally, from this position of responsibility stems my passion for aiding and helping educate future generations of aspiring dentists, which is why I believe we as dentists should be participating in school outreach career sessions for high school students wherever possible. Representation is invaluable and there is no reason a young man or woman should feel unable to pursue their career choice by virtue of their gender. I was lucky to not have been raised with specific gender expectations and I believe they're irrelevant when it comes to looking after our patients. We can all be intelligent. We can all be compassionate. We can all be capable. 

Describe some of the inspiring women in your life that have made an impact on you.

The women in my family really set the standard for me. I was raised with a 'get on with it' attitude that helped build perseverance in the face of strife. As a first-generation immigrant, I learned at a young age that hard work and difficulty are an integral part of success, not a barrier to it. I'm also grateful for a close circle of colleagues whose passion for their careers is evident.

How can ADC candidates, students or graduates get involved in leadership, while they’re studying or in their early career?

Contact the ADAVB to enquire about roles on committees. Students can contact their university club (e.g. 'BOHDS' for La Trobe University) to find out about opportunities. Your university society may help facilitate your connection with your local ADA branch and help organise activities to be involved in such as oral health education outreach visits (e.g. at local primary schools).

Describe some of the highlights of your ADAVB committee and other leadership roles, including while you were studying.

Being an ADAVB Recent Graduates and Students Committee member through my university years and now as a graduate, helped me on a smoother transition from the university atmosphere to full time employment. It also facilitated transferring my colleagues' concerns and questions directly to those able to answer them.

What do you say to women considering taking the step into leadership?

Further your skills. Get to know those you intend to lead. Then take the leap. 


Thinking about taking the next step? Enter our Facebook competition to attend the Brilliant Women Global event at Kooyong Tennis Club with ADAVB President Dr Gitika Sanghvi on IWD - Sunday 8 March, 11.30am. We now have FOUR tickets to give away! Be inspired by others' journeys and talk all things women and leadership with your ADAVB President. Entry is open to current ADAVB dentistry student members, including ADC candidates, and graduate members (up to ten years). Terms and conditions apply.

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